Let stomach and back sleepers appreciate the firmness of the BeautyRest mattress!

The cells of our body need time to regenerate themselves. But without enough sleep, these cells respond negatively to our immune system. If there is any obstacle causing you not enough rest, you might feel dullness in your skin and mood swings. Beautyrest makes your night sleep comfortable, and each collection features different levels of comfort. It helps individuals to sleep cooler and protects their bodies from night sweats. Buy  BeautyRest mattress and elevate your head with an extra pillow at night for a comfortable sleep.


For a balanced sleep schedule, a good mattress is essential. The BeautyRest mattress comes in various contour layers. That includes plush and medium comfort foam. Its gel touch foam has a pocketed coil technology and a NEW infiniCool Plus Contour layer. The air-feel foam of the BeautyRest mattress gives a relaxed, comfortable sleep. The traditional innerspring mattress of Beautyrest and its memory foam layers provide pressure relief. Beautyrest has a lifespan of about 7 to 9 years.


BeautyRest impacts your sleeping posture and contributes to a good beauty sleep at night. It lets your skin heal and makes you look fresh all day. Incorporating a BeautyRest mattress into your sleep and allowing it brings out the best in your bed is a chance you should not miss. It makes your bedding soft and breathable. You can even opt for a perfect pillow to pair with your Beautyrest mattress. It also has effects on your health and energy. You will start feeling better and feel positive changes in your mood. Buy a BeautyRest mattress from a BeautyRest mattress store and find a hypo-allergic pillow to reduce the puffiness of your eyes and face.


One must set a proper sleeping routine and try to be consistent with it to get enough sleep. You can also opt for sufficient lighting while sleeping to make a sleeping environment in your room. Following is the collection of BeautyRest mattresses:

Sleep King further classifies them into the following:

  • Cayman Plush, Medium, Extra Firm
  • Maui Plush Pillow Top, Medium Firm
  • Carbon Extra Firm, Harmony Plush Pillow Top
  • Beautyrest Hybrid Plush


The shopping experience of mattresses at Sleep King will leave you amazed!

BeautyRest mattress and enjoy the extra pressure relief of the additional layer of its foam. It gives a plush feel and stops from tossing and turning. Sleep King makes mattresses with love and dedication. We keep your mattress protected from dust mites and allergens through our high-quality mattress protector. We have come up with a new and trendy collection of mattresses to fit the needs of our customers. Buy BeautyRest mattress from Sleep King and replace your old mattresses. You can find us easily in Florida and get your hands on the Beautyrest mattress. You can place your order through our website and go through the size chart of mattresses. It is effortless to get in touch with us.