Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain (2023)

Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Excessive pressure on the shoulder joint is one of the most prevalent causes of shoulder pain at night, making your discomfort before bed worse when you wake up. The consequences can be particularly uncomfortable if you are side sleeping and shoulder pain points downward. You require a mattress that relieves pressure while softly supporting the neck and upper back and contouring around the shoulder.

We examined dozens of highly regarded beds to compile our list of the Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain. These mattresses reduce pressure thanks to advanced memory foam and organic latex components. Some even have the endorsement of prestigious chiropractic societies.

How to Choose a Mattress for Shoulder Pain

You now know which shoulder pain mattress we believe to be the best for shoulder discomfort, so let’s review how we evaluated these mattresses. This should be useful to you while you look for a new mattress.


One of the most crucial factors for people looking for a bed to relieve shoulder discomfort is firmness. The firmness of a bed is measured on a scale from 1 (softest) to 10 (firmest), and it will determine how much you will sink into it. We may make some essential suggestions for those with shoulder pain, but your ideal firmness level will depend on your mass and preferred sleeping place.

We advise choosing the best mattresses for shoulder pain (between 4 and 6) if you sleep on your side or back and experience a shoulder ache. Your body’s pressure points should be cushioned and relieved by some softness and sinkage. They should choose a medium-firm mattress if they require extra support or share a bed with a partner who prefers a firmer feel.


Although softer mattresses like the Beautyrest king mattress can provide plenty of support, firmness, and support are not synonyms. Any position will allow the shoulders to rest comfortably on a supportive mattress that balances the spine. If a softer mattress has the right support components, you can sink into the bed without feeling like the mattress is closing in.

Ensure your mattress supports a straight spinal alignment if you experience a shoulder ache. This could signify different things for different people depending on how they sleep. Back sleepers generally want a medium-firm bed that supports their hips. Side sleepers require a touch of sinkage so that their shoulders and hips align with their lower back, and the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain is necessary for stomach sleepers.

Pressure Relief

I’m talking about the best mattress for shoulder and back pain ability to evenly distribute your body weight when I talk about a mattress’s pressure alleviation. Reducing stress throughout the body caused by even weight distribution is especially beneficial for people who experience shoulder pain. The most remarkable pressure-relieving mattresses offer a cozy place to rest, easing tension throughout the body and calming muscles and joints.

Ensure your bed isn’t pressing (or “pushing back”) on sensitive places, such as your shoulders, to gauge how well a mattress relieves pressure. Different materials may alleviate anxiety to varying degrees. For instance, stiff innerspring mattresses won’t provide much pressure reduction (or be appropriate for sleepers with shoulder problems), whereas soft memory foam beds can be highly pressure-relieving.


Body-contouring describes the hugging or cradling feeling you get as a mattress’s foams adjust to the curve of your body. Body contouring can be particularly beneficial for the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain as they sleep because it gently releases generalized tension around delicate joints. Body contouring, which memory foam mattresses typically provide, is something you may want to prioritize if you sleep on your back or side and experience shoulder pain.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation describes how effectively a Best Mattress minimizes disruptions during the night. This gauges the movement you’ll experience if you share a bed with a spouse or animal. Having shoulder pain can make it challenging to get to sleep.

Therefore, you don’t want a simple mattress for your partner to wake you on by accident. Additionally, you don’t want a partner’s actions to cause an injury or painful shoulder to worsen overnight.

Memory foam and pillow top mattresses typically do a fantastic job isolating motion.


Because memory foam and pillow top mattresses, some of the finest available for shoulder pain, frequently trap body heat, hot sleepers with shoulder discomfort may have difficulty finding a bed. If you sleep hot, we advise choosing a memory foam bed with gel, copper, or graphite infusion to alleviate this problem.

A mattress with thermoregulating components like wool or soft latex, or a soft hybrid bed with coils that encourage airflow, may also be something you want to consider.

What Types of Mattresses Are Good for Shoulder Pain?

Patients with shoulder pain will need a surface that is soft enough to cushion sore joints but solid enough to prevent it from causing new pain from a misaligned spine, similar to other painful conditions like fibromyalgia that produces pain sensitivity in joints and muscles. Your back will suffer from a bed that is too soft, and your problem regions will feel additional pressure from mattresses for the shoulder pain that is too hard.

The best mattress for shoulder and neck pain are hybrid models, which include a matrix of separately wrapped coils to cushion the body and respond better to the hips and shoulders to maintain spinal alignment. They also have soft foam top layers so your shoulder won’t rub against them.


Nothing is more unsatisfying than having trouble falling asleep, especially when hip or shoulder pain is to blame. While the list of possible causes for this discomfort could go on forever, we believe many all-natural remedies are available.

Take into account how long you have owned your mattress. You might require anything fresh if it has been longer than five years. Additionally, if you think your bed might be too firm or soft, try sleeping on a different king Sealy mattress for a few nights to confirm or refute that hypothesis.

Good luck and pleasant dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a firm or soft mattress better for shoulder pain?

The ideal firmness level for shoulder pain can vary from person to person. However, a mattress with medium firmness is often recommended as it provides a good balance of support and cushioning. It helps relieve pressure on the shoulders without compromising proper spinal alignment.

Can a bad mattress cause shoulder pain?

Sleeping on an inadequate or unsupportive mattress can contribute to shoulder pain. A mattress that lacks proper support or doesn’t contour to the body’s natural curves can cause misalignment and increased pressure on the shoulders, leading to discomfort and pain.

What is the best mattress for arthritic shoulders?

For individuals with arthritic shoulders, a mattress with medium firmness and excellent pressure relief is generally recommended. Look for responsive or memory foam mattresses that can conform to the body and alleviate pressure on the arthritic joints.

How should I sleep to fix my shoulder pain?

When experiencing shoulder pain, it’s advisable to try sleeping on your back or side. If sleeping on your back, use a pillow that provides proper neck support and place a small pillow or rolled-up towel under the affected shoulder for additional support. If sleeping on your side, use a supportive pillow that maintains proper spinal alignment and keeps your neck and shoulder in a neutral position. Experiment with different sleeping positions and pillow arrangements to find what provides the most relief for your shoulder pain. It’s also endorsed to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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