Biscayne Mattresses

All our mattresses are made to order.

is family-owned and operated right here in Miami, Florida.

 Since our company opened in 1949 every customer has been a part of our business family.

We are servicing the USA, Caribbean, Central and South America for over 60  years and formed strong, loyal and long lasting business relationships. All our products are made in the USA. Custom made and made to order.

No stored and pre-made products. When you receive our mattresses , they are always brand- NEW and made specifically for YOU.

We take pride in our wide selection and quality of our products. All of our mattress LINES are manufactured with new and trusted high quality USA raw materials and bought from reputable vendors. Our typical lead time is typically 4-5 days.

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QueenSet $499.00

Ocean Collection

Biscayne Latex
Cool Breeze 9” LATEX
Oasis Firm 11” LATEX
Shangra-la Plush 11” LATEX


Sleep king delivers brand new mattresses to you!

Most of you might not be aware of these innovative mattresses but they got penetrated into the mattresses market in a very short time. You can create a classic, modern bedroom by incorporating Biscayne Bedding to it.  Biscayne mattresses are one of those mattresses which receive interior attention through visitors constantly. This is because of the look it changes and enhances the interior of your room. Along with the Biscayne bedding mattresses you can include other furniture items or a certain interior design style to make your room make a bold statement.


Complete your bedroom look with Biscayne bedding mattresses!Replace your mattress if it is not provided with the right support. Biscayne Bedding contributes to a peaceful night sleep and makes a positive difference to your health. It ensures you get an un- interrupted sleep and does not leave you feeling tired in the morning.

One must replace their mattresses every 6 to 8 years and get away with dust mites through it. You can also keep your spine in a neutral position and it pays attention to the pressure points of your body. 

Biscayne mattress prices are affordable so, you can easily transform the look of your room.  Biscayne Bedding improves the look of your room and might make your room appear big. You can add lighting, incorporate modern styled cushions and use clean white or light colored bed sheets on it.

  • The infused gel depicts usage of technology in the mattress. 
  • It provides comfort and gives a relaxing vibe to your bed.


Biscayne bedding mattresses OCEAN Collection is as follows:

  • Biscayne latex
  • Cool Breeze 8’’
  • Cool Breeze 9’’ LATEX
  • Cool Breeze 11’’
  • Oasis Firm 11’’ LATEX
  • Shangra La Plush 11’’ Latex


Give your room a mesmerizing appearance with Biscayne Bedding

We have our office in Miami, Florida and we are open seven days a week.  We make all of our products in the USA with natural materials.  Our company, Sleep King buys the material from reputable and trustworthy vendors.  Biscayne bedding mattresses use a high density foam base which provides comfort and durability. Its durable knit fabric and cost – friendly characteristics makes it stand out among other mattresses.

We do not deliver the pre-made products, instead we deliver the brand new products to you. Sleep King charges $499 for the Biscayne mattress QueenSet. You can also keep your Biscayne mattress cool by opening large windows of your room and picking soft colors for your bedsheets.  Biscayne mattresses look visually appealing with white colored walls and wooden furniture.


Biscayne bedding mattresses use certified and organic products.  These products are breathable and durable which acts as a binding agent.  Biscayne mattresses consist of high performance coils which provide the best cushioning. Its cushioning is soft and provides a smooth and clean sleeping surface.  Sleep King provides the best sustainability possible.