12.5" Profile

HyperSouch™ Comfort

Serta replaced ordinary foam with a combination of specialized foam, engineered fibers and premium stretch fabric for total body cradling and better pressure point relief.

Perfectgure™ Fiber

This soft fiber layer has antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew to help keep your mattress fresh.

Cool Twist" Get Memory Foam

This unique design features cooling gel swirled into premium memory foam. This breathable memory foam helps enhance airflow and heat dissipation for a feeling that can only be described as a cool, contouring type of comfort.

825 Edition Custom Support" Call System

In addition to providing contouring, cradling support and minimizing the impact of your partner’s erratic sleep jerks, this system of 825 individually wrapped coils features Serta’s
BestEdge” Foam Encasement technology – an extra-deep foam rail to help reduce edge roll-off and extent the sleep surface.


Serta luxe Chamblee firm 12.5’’ with memory foam technology!

It consists of a Cool Twist’’ Gel Memory Foam with breathable memory foam enhancing the airflow.  Serta Chamblee firm provides no back pain and supports your back. It helps in reduction and does not sag in a smaller life span. 

Your back stays in contact with your mattress, so it must be comforting and give you a good night’s sleep. Sleep King manufactures and delivers the best quality of Serta luxe Chamblee firm at your doorstep to make this possible. It is helpful for pressure point relief and protects your mattress from germs. Sleep King promotes hygienic products and cares for its customer’s health.


Get yourselves relaxed, contouring comfort with Serta luxe Chamblee firm!

The Serta Chamblee firm also consists of a HyperTouch TM Comfort, consisting of a specialized foam and a stretchable fabric for body cradling. We are considerate and pay special attention to the materials contributing to our comforting mattresses’ manufacturing. We use a soft fiber layer to protect your mattresses from dust, germs, and bacteria. This layer has antimicrobial properties, keeps your mattress fresh, and smells amazing. In addition to the Serta Chamblee firm mattress characteristics, it also has an 825Edition Custom Support” Call System, which extends the sleep surface. Its wrapped coils have an encasement technology that keeps the extra foam deep. Sleep King manufactures a comforting mattress for healthy sleep and uses eco-friendly materials.


Serta lux Chamblee firm and other mattresses promote breathability, glue less technology, and usage of high-quality latex.

We create mattresses with love and protect them from liquid spills, urine, or other allergens. The sleeping surface and the support layer contribute to a good peaceful night’s sleep. So, to provide you with a lovely, comforting soft mattress, we solve all your muscular tissues. To solve such medical and health-related issues, we keep the sleeping surface thick with our standard measurements, and our website helps you choose the right mattress according to your needs. We offer free shipping and accept online payments as well.


Sleep King is providing with the comfort of temperature and comfort movements!

Is it finally time to get rid of the old stuff? If not, you are missing the chance to experience a mattress with temperature and ease of movement. We believe while renovating a house, one must also consider and pay special attention to their hygiene and replace their mattresses. Our mattresses provide better sleeping positions and are user-friendly. 

Serta Chamblee firm mattress provides you with a comfortable position preventing you from twisting and turning to the bed’s sides. Serta lux Chamblee firm is best for summers because of its heat dissipation qualities and reduces edge roll-off.