If you have no idea about mattresses, then searching for mattresses can be challenging. Going to a mattress store in hot, humid weather would be stressful. So, why not get the mattresses delivered to your doorstep and place an order online for your preferred mattress? Sleep King accepts orders from customers online and delivers them to the exact location on time. Stearns and Foster estate mattresses get manufactured through our high technology systems and the supervision of proficient workers. Sleep King uses natural and eco-friendly materials to make your mattress look fresh, clean, and smell pleasant.

Stearns and Foster estate consists of the following collections of mattresses: 


Sleep King creates mattresses with love and incorporates the latest designs into them!

Stearns and Foster estate mattress is a high-quality mattress that utilizes the best technology and provides support. It gives a luxurious feel to your room by placing it. You can put it in your room and add pillows to it to give it a complete look.

Stearns and Foster estate collection incorporates ultra-firm tight tops, firm tight tops, and plush tight tops. These tops consist of softer padding, which makes them conform. Sleep King makes mattresses with such love and dedication that it ranks among the firmest mattresses on the market. We consider hygiene as well during manufacturing mattresses. We place a mattress protector on the Stearns and Foster estate mattress.


Stearns and Foster estate suit everyone for their sleeping positions. Sleep King ensures your mattress doesn’t make noises. People believe only an old mattress makes noises. Still, according to our experience and knowledge related to mattresses, if a mattress gets constructed with poor quality materials or negligence, it starts making noises. It also begins to sag, which reduces its lifespan.

Stearns and Foster estate mattress comprises glue-less technology with high-quality latex. Stearns and Foster estate collection is not an ordinary collection of mattresses at the Sleep King store. It contains stretchable knit covers, promoting breathability and absorbing heat from your body. 

Stearns and Foster estate mattress is an orthopedic mattress that improves your sleeping positions and solves your spinal and posture-related problems. It promotes a good posture and relieves your back pain. We design the Stearns and Foster estate collection to provide you with a cushioned feel and a supportive surface to support your back. Our mattresses facilitate customers with the best sleep of the night. If you search for a comfortable mattress, call us at +941-922-5271. For information related to the pricing of the mattresses, you can email us at