Serta Icomfort memory foam mattress is available in the following mattresses models: 

Its mattress size is ten, and Carbon Fiber Memory Foam makes up its contour layer. It also includes an EverCool ® Fuze Gel Memory Foam and a Foam Core, which contain less toxic substances and relieve pressure on your joints. It also has a Cold Touch TM Cover that supports it.

Its mattress size is 11.5, and it consists of a Gel active max foam and the Serta Foam Core ®. This layer melds the support and gives softness to the mattress. Its gel beads produce extra refreshing comfort for ultimate customer satisfaction.

This medium 12-sized Serta Icomfort memory foam gets constructed with a Deep Reaction TM Max Memory Foam and a Max Cold TM Cover for its support.

Serta Icomfort memory foam providing with soft and cushioning comfort!

It’s UltraCold System TM allows air flow and breathability. Its contour layers, including Serta Foam Core and the memory foam, conforms to your body.

Its size of 12.5 gives a well-balanced level of comfort. If you search for a comfortable mattress to provide you with a soft top, you must place your order through Sleep King. 


Serta Icomfort memory foam in size 13.5 consists of an Air Support TM Foam, Deep Reaction TM Max Memory Foam, and a Max Cold TM Cover.


Sleep King provides mattresses to push your spine up and make it comfortable for back sleepers!


Sleep King  Store Serta Icomfort memory foam with natural and eco-friendly materials. It does not cause any noises while changing the sides of the mattress. If your partner changes his sleeping position, you will not get disturbed and enjoy the cooling top of the mattress with a night of restful sleep. Icomfort memory foam uses stretchable knit covers and avoids using toxic materials. It promotes breathability and does not use springs. The extra support of the Serta Icomfort memory foam mattress improves your sleeping posture, and because of its comfort, you fall asleep quickly.


Serta Icomfort memory foam mattress promotes high-quality latex usage while making mattresses!

Serta Icomfort memory foam gets manufactured with glueless technology, holding up 20% of moisture. Sleep King believes a comfortable and restful sleep is essential for all individuals. So, considering the problems of old aged people suffering from various health issues, Sleep King manufactures mattresses that improve spinal alignment. It is a type of orthopedic mattress. Sleep King manufactures Icomfort memory foam mattresses with the prescriptions provided by the physicians. Our mattresses help in relieving extreme pain and ease joint discomfort. Sleep King makes the Serta Icomfort memory foam mattress with natural materials that lasts longer and always smells fresh and clean.