Comfortable, lightweight, and user-friendly Icomfort hybrid making a good mattress!

Icomfort by Serta hybrid consists of a Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, which works the best for the contouring layer. Its gel memory foam gives a cooler surface to sleep on, which helps during the summers. Due to its molding properties, it reduces motion transfer and Icomfort Serta hybrid, supporting the spine. 

Buy Icomfort hybrid from Seep King and experience a cool-to-the-touch surface. 

Sleep King manufactures Icomfort by Serta hybrid with tiny gel beads to reduce the surrounding heat and gives you the right amount of good quality sleep. Sleep King offers free shipping for all mattresses with five years of guarantee. We also accept online payments and give a unique discount system yearly or monthly. Our representative will answer all your queries related to our mattresses through email. You can email us at steve@sleepking.net or call us at +941-922-5271.


Icomfort by Serta hybrid provides a cooler surface for sleeping, particularly during warming nights!

Icomfort Serta hybrid consists of a Hybrid SupportTM System with BestEdge® and a Foam Encasement. Its support layer includes a Cold TouchTM Cover to provide a reliable cushioned surface. Icomfort mattress allows people to stay in their position while sleeping on the mattress if the other partner moves or changes the sides.


Serta Icomfort mattress gets manufactured at Sleep King through thick gel beads, which improves the mattress’s durability. It might seem costly or a huge investment, but it is worth it. It gets manufactured under strict supervision to use only organic and eco-friendly materials. Serta Icomfort hybrid mattress consists of comfortable memory layers, which reduces the noise of the mattress while switching the positions on the bed.


Say no to lazy mornings and experience comfort while sleeping peacefully!

Serta Icomfort mattress caters to your sleeping needs with comfort and makes you feel soft on your skin. It helps in proper air circulation and does not lock in the heat because you sweat. Serta Icomfort hybrid mattress makes you feel cozy, giving your back and spine support. It gives you enough space to relax and creates an experience of innovative sleeping solutions outstanding. No matter if you want to sit on the mattress, lay on the mattress, or even if your children want to jump on it, you do not need to worry about its sagging.

Serta Icomfort hybrid is the right choice of mattress to relax and get a restful sleep at night. You do not need to rush and buy a mattress immediately. You can browse mattresses through our website and choose the most comfortable one. Our store gets open Monday to Friday from 8; 30 to 7:00 pm, and on Saturdays, we start facilitating customers from 8:30 am to 6 pm. You can also visit our mattress store on Sundays since we are open from 12 to 5 pm.