Comprehensive Guide to Shopping Kingsdown Mattresses

Guide to Shopping Kingsdown Mattresses

Kingsdown is one of the most luxurious mattress brands on the market. They have been known as a sleep industry pioneer and handcrafting luxury mattresses since 1904. Kingsdown, one of the biggest independent mattress producers worldwide, is active in America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. 

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The exclusive Bed FIT technology, which has a long history of creative mattress design and just the right amount of entrepreneurial drive, is the most sophisticated diagnostic tool in the world for identifying unique support requirements. Every handcrafted Kingsdown mattress is created using this system, which develops an amazing, exclusive body of knowledge and skill for unrivaled comfort and support.

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  • A Kingsdown mattress will benefit customers with moderate to high spending limits. They have a high coil count and are comprised of premium, conforming materials, which results in a cozy, supportive feel. Couples should choose models that offer the best pressure relief and motion isolation. 
  • Shopping Kingsdown mattresses are available in every size (twin to California king), making it possible for apartment dwellers and people with spacious master bedrooms to choose the ideal mattress to fit their space and promote restful sleep.
  • Determining whether a firm or plush mattress is best for you might be challenging because beds come in various support levels. How can you locate a mattress firm that gives what you require and which degree of comfort and support is perfect for your preferred sleeping style?
  • Choose Kingsdown if you’re seeking mattresses created with premium materials and tried-and-true techniques that provide maximum comfort. You might be wondering “Who is Kingsdown?” or “What makes Kingsdown so unique?” 
  • Now, we will show you how Kingsdown can be the right mattress shop for you. 

As you read this blog, you will discover more about Kingsdown and why you might be a good fit for a mattress from this well-known name in the mattress business. By reading on, find out if a Kingsdown mattress could be what your primary bedroom or guest bedroom needs. 

Who is Kingsdown mattress

With its production facility in North Carolina, Kingsdown is a Canadian firm that makes mattresses. Since its founding in 1904, Kingsdown has sold mattresses to hotels and private customers for 115 years. 

Since its inception, Kingsdown has created premium mattresses by hand, utilizing only the highest-quality components and paying close attention to every last detail. With facilities in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, the company is known as a global innovator in the sleep sector and one of the biggest independent mattress producers in the world.

Kingsdown has a sizable portfolio of patents, demonstrating a long history of invention in mattress production and design.

All handcrafted Kingsdown mattresses, whether innerspring, hybrid, foam, latex or air beds, provide extraordinary levels of comfort and support, whether soft or hard, according to the huge body of knowledge about sleep profiles developed by the rest test methodology. 

Cons of Kingsdown mattresses

All handcrafted Kingsdown mattresses, whether innerspring, hybrid, foam, latex or air beds, provide extraordinary levels of comfort and support, whether soft or hard, according to the huge body of knowledge about sleep profiles developed by the rest test methodology. 

1. It offers several collections

It includes The Artisan Zedbed, the time-honored Vintage Collection, the more cost-effective Kingsdown Passions collection, and Sleep To Live are a few examples. With the help of this tool for custom design, you may create the ideal mattress.

2. It adds coiled springs

Kingsdown incorporates stronger gauged coiled springs into its innerspring and hybrid mattresses for increased lumbar support. More lumbar support is ideal for back sleepers or big and tall people, and it will wear out more slowly than other mattresses.

3. They offer different sizes of mattresses

The average firmness of Kingsdown mattresses ranges from medium to medium-firm. While some brands prioritize comfort and that sense of “sleeping in the mattress vs. laying on top of it,” Kingsdown ensures your body stays supported.

4. It has a strict testing process

Every mattress produced by Kingsdown is put through a rigorous testing procedure to guarantee reliability and comfort. The bed you receive will be the same degree of quality wherever you are in the nation. 

Kingsdown quality

Kingsdown produces various mattresses; therefore, when graded using the Good, Better, Best rating method, they are in both the “Better” and “Best” categories. For instance, the Passions collection is in the “Best” category, whereas Sleeping Beauty is in the “Better” category.

Kingsdown mattresses offer the best, highest-caliber mattress designs but provide more affordable options to meet your sleeping demands. Your decision should be based on the best suits your needs and budget.

Is Kingsdown the right fit for you

Kingsdown mattresses are available in practically every size, firmness, and price range, but they might only be appropriate for some. What kind of mattress you require will depend on where, who, and how frequently the bed will be used.

For example, the Sleeping Beauty collection is ideal for children’s rooms or your guest bedroom, which may only be used occasionally. Young adults looking to start their college experience with a restful night’s sleep will find that the Passions collection is better for their bedrooms and fantastic.

Kingsdown mattresses are not the best fit if you prefer soft, sink-in comfort. Some people find Kingsdown mattresses a little firmer than they are seeking. The support levels are suitable for larger or taller people, though, and hybrid or innerspring mattresses are more likely to last longer. 

Although mattresses can be pricey, it’s vital to consider their lifespan before purchasing, as we want to know how long a bed usually lasts. A mattress usually lasts about ten years on average. However, numerous things can shorten or lengthen its life.

  • Kingsdown can be the name for you if you’re seeking a mattress retailer with an extensive range and high-quality materials. Knowing more about Kingsdown and its mattresses can help you decide if the company fits you.
  • Remember that Kingsdown mattresses exist in various designs, comfort levels, and levels of support, including vast and tall beds. Remember that the GBB Rating system places Kingsdown mattresses as better and best.
  • Lastly, remember that Kingsdown supports large and tall persons and that their innerspring mattresses contain strengthened steel coils for a longer bed. Kingsdown is a good alternative if you want choices in various styles and price points.

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