Kingsdown Mattress

Innovative comfort at an exceptional value.

Kingsdown’s Prime Collection delivers targeted lumbar support and the latest comfort innovations at an exceptional value. Each Kingsdown Premium Mattress features cooling gel fibers and Serene® foam, the self-adjusting alternative to memory foam that dissipates body heat quickly for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. These cooling layers work in conjunction with our resilient latex foam and the reinforced lumbar zone in our Tri-Zoned Wrapped Coils to provide the pressure relief and personalized support that your body needs for deeper, more restful sleep.

Kingsdown Mattress Prices

Kingsdown Mattress
Henline plush queen set- $799

Kingsdown Mattress
Henline firm queen set-$799

Kingsdown Mattress
Ensbury plush pillow-top queen set- $999


Kingsdown bed delivers an ideal sleep environment!

Sleep King makes mattresses with a strategy to cater to as many people as possible. It constructs a way that works efficiently for tons of different people and facilitates their needs. Kingsdown mattresses believe in providing innovative comfort at an exceptional value. Kingsdown bed consists of a convoluted gel quilt with cooling gel fibers to draw heat away from your body. Kings down provide increased airflow and help in controlling sleeping temperatures. It also offers a supporting cushion for the body’s lower back and the sides. 


No more tossing and turning at night!Make Kings down worth the money, and let it improve your restfulness and comfort. It provides the best recovery to your body and improves your metabolism. Sleep King ensures you get the proper rest you deserve, so we use all organic and eco-friendly products. We use latex because of its elasticity and focus on the noise level of the mattresses. Sleep King designs the mattress so that our bones absorb most of the pressure and leave less stress on the muscles. This way, it helps in improving the circulation and the Kingsdown bed and provides a stable, even surface.


Kingsdown bed is a luxury mattress that enhances the look of your room. You can buy Kingsdown mattresses at a lesser price from Sleep King than from other brands. According to the Kingsdown mattress reviews, it offers a high-profile mattress design with an air pocket bed. It consists of multiple layers to provide a relaxed and comforting sleep. Our customers believe that Kingsdown bed makes your time restorative while on it.


The Kingsdown mattress Henline Plush Queen set is for $799, whereas the Kingsdown mattress Henline Firm Queen set is for $799. The Kingsdown mattress Ensbury Plush Pillow Top Queen set is for $999. These products of the Kingsdown bed consist of a plush gel quilt with a thick base foam. Its foundation with wood and gel plush foam comes with a 10-year warranty. You can find it in stores or on the website in different sizes. From Twin, Twin XL, and Full XL to Split King and Queen, all contribute to enhancing the look of your room.

Kingsdown Mattress:

Get your hands on Kingsdown mattresses and experience a therapeutic cooling relief!

Kingsdown mattress not only works efficiently but also looks visually appealing. Kingsdown provides superior support and beauty to your home. After a hectic day, it gives a smooth and calm experience to lay on Kingsdown. It does not costs much and proves its efficient craftsmanship. It provides extra support to the heaviest part of your body. The side panels protect the mattress and hold its shape. The latex layer on top of the Kingsdown mattresses lets the air travel, and it’s no glue technology acts as a binding agent for layers of the mattress to hold it tightly. You can get the Kingsdown bed delivered to your home directly without causing any damage to your mattress.