The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide 2023 | 8 Useful Tips

mattress buying guide

Have you recently decided to prioritize buying a new mattress? Congrats on starting down the path to better sleep!

Looking for a new mattress can be straightforward. Our mattress purchasing guide advice will help you learn the ins and outs of mattress shopping so you can shop wisely and select the ideal mattress; if you are a pretty perfect sleeper, you should not compromise at any cost.

Choosing your perfect mattress is an important decision you have to make for your house — after all, it’s the key to a good night’s sleep — but the number of alternatives when you shop can make it feel like an impossible chore. 

  • It can be downright exhausting to navigate the various materials and marketing jargon, go through all the sizes and characteristics, and choose how much money you should spend. 

We do:

  • in-depth brand analysis
  • feature analysis 
  • consumer reviews
  • analyst reviews 

And then run our exclusive polls with our tester panel to gather long-term feedback on the models they already possess. 

We also have evaluated hundreds of products over the years. Also, no perfect match is best for everyone and will work for everyone; you must consider your personal needs when choosing a mattress when you shop. 

The hardest decision to make when seeking to purchase a new mattress is where to begin. Do you shop online or in person? Do you prefer more affordable options over more expensive models? What about the design, material composition, size, and shape? Well, there are many factors to take into account. And you have to look out for all of these factors.

8 Best Tips to Buy a Perfect Mattress

The tips for mattress buying are given below:

1. Mattress motivation

93% of Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation, believe a comfortable mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Your bed is one of the most – if not the most- crucial piece of furniture you will buy since it will immediately affect your quality of sleep and, therefore, your quality of life. Accepting this will inspire you to look for a new mattress and to make informed purchasing decisions. 

And if you are married, you must share your bed with your significant other. So,

Whenever you are with your significant other, it releases the tension and makes you feel comfortable and well-rested, and you are less likely to pick a fight with your significant other. 

2. Do research

It’s likely been a while since you looked for a new mattress. Today’s beds have more unique, better features than mattresses from ten years ago, just like cell phones and computers. 

To assist you in navigating the various mattress kinds available today, including memory foam and hybrid mattresses and mattresses compatible with an adjustable foundation, reputable mattress makers and merchants offer their mattress-buying recommendations on their websites. You’ll be much better able to grasp your options and choose the ideal mattress with a bit of mattress education. 

3. Go for your preference

the same size does not go for all when it comes to comfort. Make a list of the comfort preferences you and your partner have to avoid being overwhelmed by the variety of mattresses on the market today. Discuss your comfort preferences with the salesperson at your neighborhood mattress store so that they can point you in the direction of the mattress types that will suit you the best. You may discover that with a bit of work.

4. Size does matter

Additional space to move around can significantly affect how comfortable you sleep. While a full-size mattress can seem to suit you and your spouse just right, switching to a queen or a king-size bed can be a game changer. 

Also, if humans have pets that sneak onto the “human bed” in the middle of the night, many couples prefer a larger mattress!

If you are buying a new mattress for your kid, remember that it will last until adolescence. Consider switching to a total or queen bed because their expanding bodies require space to stretch. 

5. Always shop with a trusted retailer

It’s time to visit your chosen local retailer to check out various mattresses in person once you’ve done your homework, determined your comfort preferences, and reduced your alternatives. You can identify authorized merchants via manufacturer websites and then request feedback from your friends, family, or online peers if you still need to get a preferred local retailer placed in mind based on your prior shopping experiences. 

  • Knowing the retailer’s return and exchange policy is crucial because manufacturer warranties only cover manufacturing flaws (not comfort preferences). Many merchants provide a trial period during which you can swap or return the mattress after a predetermined period. Before buying a mattress, ensure you have all this crucial information.

If you want a solution for your sleep mattress, choose the one that is the right fit for you and in which you feel comfortable. So, you can find peace by going through a process guided by a trustworthy retailer.

6. Take as much time as you want

A new mattress is an investment in the health and quality of your sleep. So take your time when shopping. Laying on various types in your typical sleeping posture will take some time. Have your partner do the same. Don’t be frightened by the salesperson; they are there to make your buying experience enjoyable. If it would be more convenient for you, you can ask for privacy while you test the models. Be bold and ask questions along the road because you’ll sleep on this mattress for a while.

7. Upgrade your pillows

Worn-out, outdated linens and pillows might ruin the delight of a new mattress. Stop allowing this to happen to you! When you get a new bed, consider improving your pillows. And bedding if you are ready to spend money on getting better sleep. Today’s market offers a wide range of innovative pads, including memory foam pillows in various models created for each type of sleeping position.

Moreover, search for brand-new, high-quality bed linens. They are breathable and can help you control your body temperature while you sleep. 

Finally, use a high-quality, liquid-resistant mattress protector to safeguard your investment in your new mattress. In addition to keeping your mattress cleaner over time, keeping it free of spills and stains also keeps the foams and fibers from sagging and compressing, which can affect your warranty and sleep quality. 

8. Expect wisely

It’s time to enjoy your new investment once the mattress has been delivered and set up in your home. A few things to consider with a new bed, even though you should start sleeping pleasantly on the first night. First, unlike the type you tried at your nearby store, your new mattress has not been subjected to weight and wear. 

Your new mattress might initially feel a little firmer, though the change should be manageable. 

  • Second, some people’s bodies take a few nights to become used to a new mattress. This is especially valid for people who have used their old mattress for a long time. Only some people need time to adjust, and those usually do so within a few nights of sleeping on the new bed. 

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