Whether cushion firm, plush, or ultra-plush, Stearns and Foster hybrid has covered you!

Stern and Foster mattress offers Twin XL for $3249, and including the box spring, it costs around $3574. If you are looking for a cushion firm of better quality, you can place your order through Sleep King for a Full size at $3449, and including the box springs, it will charge you $ 3899. Mattress and box spring cost $3949 for a Queen sized mattress, and without the box spring, it costs $ 3499.


Are you looking for a supportive mattress? Then opt for Sleep King and get the Stearns and Foster lux estate delivered to your doorstep!

Lux estate hybrid provides quality sleep and gives attention to each mattress detail. Sleep King believes a mattress completes the look of a room. No matter what theme you opt for in your room but a mattress plays an essential part in the overall theme.

Stearns Foster lux estate hybrid gives a supportive feel and adds an element of luxury cushioned feel. Stearns foster lux estate hybrid can provide you a restful sleep because of its perfect, comfortable layers, but you need to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping on a clean mattress and completing 8 hours of sleep is a must for experiencing a night of restful and relaxing sleep.


Lux estate hybrid mattress maintains comfortable temperature settings and can implement some positive lifestyle changes. Sleep King has a massive range of mattresses to cater to all your preferences. We consider even the minor details while designing mattresses to satisfy our customers. You can visit our mattresses store in Florida.

A Luxe hybrid mattress can help you save some money and make your room stand out due to its luxuriousness. The Plush gets offered by Sleep King in 3 main sizes. With the box springs, you can select the plush in Twin XL size for $3249 and $3574. The Queen size for Plush is $3499 and $3949, along with the box spring. If you are renovating or searching for an affordable but excellent quality plush, you must opt for a Full-sized plush. You need to invest $3449 for the mattress or $3899 for the mattress and the box spring. You can visit our mattresses store in Florida and select from the vast range of mattresses. Stearns and Foster lux estate hybrid get designed by the efficient and hardworking designers of Sleep King to make it an orthopedic mattress. It provides maximum support and spreads your body weight. It also ensures the proper posture of your spinal alignment and promotes healthier blood circulation while you are sleeping.