Sleep King manufactures mattresses with natural materials to enhance their lifespan. Nowadays, the kind of mattresses we come across are not durable and sag for 3 to 4 years. If someone has children in their house or pets, the low-quality mattress will lose its firmness and sag. 

Stearns and Foster lux estate is solid enough and supports your mattress décor. You can decorate your bed frame or place matching side tables near your mattress. Stearns and Foster Cassatt create the visual equilibrium everyone needs in their room.


It is a high-quality mattress that gives support, comfort, and luxury. You can opt for Stearns and Foster Cassatt for extra cushioning. Cassatt mattress involves a variety of ultra-firm tight top, firm tight top, and plush tight top. It also includes a firm euro pillow top, a plush euro pillow top, and an ultra-plush euro pillow top. The ultra-firm tight top comes in 3 significant sizes and costs differently. For a Twin XL, it costs around $2549, and along with the box spring, it would be for $2874. If you want to opt for the Stearns and Foster Cassatt in Full size, it will cost you $2749, and along with the box spring, it would be around $3199. Stearns and Foster Cassatt for Queen sized is a bit costly. Sleep King offers the mattress for $2799 without the box springs, and with the box spring, it would cost you around $3249. 

If you are looking for a plush-tight top, you can place your order through Sleep King for three different sizes. We have it available in a Twin XL, Full, and Queen sizes. 


Sleep King produces an extra refreshing comfort to satisfy its customers!

It seems like an adjustable bed frame enhancement that impacts the room’s décor. 

Cassatt mattress provides optimum efficiency by accessorizing your bed and mattress area. Sleep King designs mattresses that are supportive, durable, and do not let the mattress make noises. We believe a quality and eye-catching sleeping setting also plays an essential part in quality sleep. To sleep peacefully, you not only need a comfortable mattress but must pay attention to the sleeping setting. It solves several sleep issues, including depression and premature aging.

Lux Estate Cassatt considers mattress cover, decorative pillows, and a lovely bedspread. Sleep King does not only deliver mattresses to your doorstep but gives guidelines according to your room’s décor. We offer a vast collection of mattresses to fit your budget and your room’s space. We let you decide on the mattress wisely. We ensure to consider even the minor details of the mattresses and then confirm your mattress order. You can place your order for Estate Cassatt by visiting our mattress store or website.