Sleep King offers perfect mattresses for sleeping!

Serta perfect sleeper consist of the following models of mattresses:

It consists of a PillowSoft ® Aire as a contour layer. It includes a CoolFeel TM Fabric and another Fiber Layer to bring years of comfort to its customers.

Its mattress size is 13, and it includes HexCloud TM Gel Foam. To support Serta perfect sleepers, Sleep King uses the Serta ® Balanced Support Foam to extend the sleep surface. 

Its mattress size is 15, which makes up the HD Foam and a HexCloud TM Gel Foam. Such mattress layers provide you with an extraordinary level of pressure relief and allow you to experience motion transfer.

The comfort and contour layers of Serta perfect sleepers comprise of 825 Edition Custom Support Coil System and a Serta ® Balanced Support Foam. To support the Serta perfect sleeper mattress, it includes a Fiber layer. These layers provide you with comfort throughout the night and prevent the mattress from sagging.

Its mattress size is 14, and it involves a HeiQ V-Block TM and a Fiber layer to support the mattress. The Serta perfect sleeper mattress also provides breathability and enhances the mattress’s lifespan.

Opt for Serta perfect sleepers to get a breathable and liquid-gel-infused memory foam!

It involves a HeiQ V-Block TM and a CoolFeel TM Fabric. 

Sleep King has it in stock in size 17. Its contour layer consists of a QuiltLoft TM Memory Foam and a WonderCloud TM Memory Foam. 

Get your hands on the Serta perfect sleeper mattress!

To give you a comfortable cushioning feel while lying on the mattress, it incorporates a CushionGel TM Foam. 


Sleep is essential for mental peace and working actively throughout the day. A night of good sleep helps the brain function properly and keeps your body healthy. Serta perfect sleepers help you sleep even in a disruptive bedroom environment. You need to get comfortable pillows and a Serta perfect sleeper mattress to keep you refreshed and result in productive mornings. Young adults need to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.


Get yourselves Serta perfect sleeper to make your nights restful!

Getting an efficient amount of sleep impacts a positive lifestyle and keeps you active the whole day. You can also opt for low lights in your room to maintain a comfortable temperature. You can put clean bedsheets and place comfortable pillows on your newly Serta perfect sleepers for a comfortable sleep environment. Sleep King constructs Serta perfect sleeper mattress according to everyone’s body type. It ensures to mold with the body of the sleeper. You can place your order for the mattresses through an email at If you have any queries related to our mattresses or are interested in knowing the prices of mattresses, then you can call us at +941-922-5271.