Why You Should Invest in a Mattress Protection Cover?

Invest in a Mattress Protection Cover

A mattress protector is a bed cover that completely envelops a mattress to shield it from spills and stains. Protecting mattresses from kids who haven’t yet broken their bed-wetting habit is one of the main reasons people buy cooling mattress protectors. Mattress protectors make sure that everyone concerned doesn’t experience any worry when accidents do happen. 

Mattress hygiene

Your mattress hygiene directly affects how well you sleep and is a benchmark for your sleeping environment. It is equivalent to not bathing or wearing freshly laundered clothing to sleep on a dirty, externally-affected mattress. 

It is a personal care component that directly affects your sleep and general health. Body smells, dampness, dust, mites, and other elements might be signs of health problems. Your mattress should be your safest environment, not a haven for exterior or internal pathogens.

Mattress protector

A mattress protector is a large, detachable sheet that covers the entire mattress and shields it from allergens, spills, and microorganisms. On top of that comes the standard bed sheet. Various mattress protector options meet your needs. You can choose between one with zippers and one that resembles a fitted sheet. Also, you can select shields made of various fabrics, including polyester, cotton, or plush.

Several of these mattress covers are created from water-resistant materials that permit air to pass between them and the mattress. There are shields with cooling properties that prevent your body from overheating. 

Reasons why you should purchase a mattress protector

We will list some reasons why you should buy a mattress protector. Some of them are:

1. Keeps your mattress away from spots and stains

The mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and fresh, which is the most apparent benefit. Think of the numerous items you might spill on your bed, especially if you frequently dine in bed. Do you want to spill that milk on your new mattress? 

Your mattress might become ruined by a variety of factors. Your bed will get wet if you sweat a lot while asleep. Your body’s fluids and dead skin cells could potentially harm your mattress. You may shield your mattress from any accidents with a cover. 

2. Makes sure your investment is safe

The lifespan of a mattress is typically between 6 and 10 years, with innerspring mattresses being on the lower end of the spectrum, while memory foam has the potential to last up to 15 years with good care. 

How effectively you use your mattress will determine everything. There are guarantees on many mattresses. However, they do not cover damage or stains. Thus, a proper mattress protector will safeguard your investment.

3. Easier to wash

Compared to mattresses, mattress coverings are simpler to clean. While your discolored mattress protector is acceptable, you cannot put your bed in the washing machine. You can buy a new mattress protector if the stains do not disappear. Mattress covers eliminate the need for the frequent vacuuming advised for mattresses. 

4. It enhances the hygiene of the mattress

While most people maintain their beds neat, they typically overlook the importance of mattress hygiene. We often spend up to ten hours a day in bed, making mattresses one of the most used things in the home. Regrettably, this also implies that your bed is home to additional microorganisms. For instance, an unprotected mattress could be home to:

  • Microbes
  • Dead skin cells
  • Sweat dirt
  • Food crumbs
  • Fleas
  • Fungi
  • Sand
  • Pollutants

5. It leads to fewer allergies

Injurious allergens include dust mites and bed bugs. Their presence may result in allergic reactions such as asthma, dermatitis, and bug bites. Most bug bites reside in the corners, crevices, and under the stitching of unprotected mattresses. If you have a mattress cover, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning the bed to stop allergies.

6. It maintains the quality of the mattress

Suppose you use a smooth mattress cover to keep your mattress’s good quality. The foam in your mattress may deteriorate if you spill any liquid or sweat when you sleep. Your bed will not be able to provide you with the same level of comfort, and its lifespan will be shortened. You would also have to replace your mattress frequently without a mattress cover, which will be more expensive. 

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How to know if the mattress cover is right for you

The decision of which mattress cover to buy may be difficult for you now because now you know why you may acquire one. If purchasing a cover online, carefully read the comments and customer reviews below. You will only see if you will enjoy the mattress protector once you try it. But reading reviews is a fantastic way to know about the product you will buy. 

Find out if the protector has been mentioned as soft, then look for ones marked as such. Knowing the material that the mattress protector is composed of and whether or not it is water-resistant and breathable is another way to determine how soft it is. 

Also, notice how long the protectors promise to keep your mattress safe. 

Most mattresses can get rid of the liquid spilled over them immediately. Still, only a few could prevent persistent exposure as most are water resistant but not waterproof.

They are available in many sizes:

The beds come in different colors and sizes, so mattress protectors also do. 

Whenever purchasing a Bambi mattress protector, you can pick from seven different sizes (depending on the protector chosen). 

The following are the listed sizes to give you an idea of the range. 

  • single 
  • long single
  • double
  • Queen
  • King single
  • King
  • Super King

Make sure you select the appropriate size for your mattress when determining the extent to purchase. A king-size mattress cover, for instance, will suit a king-sized bed far better than a king-single mattress protector. This will produce a tight fit that provides the most significant comfort and continued protection.

To protect more than protect your mattress

Keeping your bedding clean always starts with covering all areas of your bed. Below are some of the main reasons you need a mattress protector. 

But also, do focus on your pillows as well. 

  1. Most high-quality mattress coverings should be simple to wash at home and, even better, dryable (usually in a cooler setting). As the purpose of a mattress protector is to take care of your bed more straightforwardly, you won’t have to carry them back and forth to a professional cleaner. 
  2. Washing your mattress protector once a week along with your bedding is a good idea, which simplifies routine maintenance. Remember that moisture is the last thing you want in your mattress. wait until it is scorched before placing it back on your bed.

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